Inauguration of Fuzhou Linru Academy, the largest Song-style Academy in Jiangxi

From:chinakongziAuthor: 2021-10-18 09:05

Recently, Linru Academy in Fuzhou of Jiangxi marked its inauguration, and the First Linru Academy Summit Forum 2021 was held at the same time. The theme of this event is "Time-honored Academy Pools Wisdom for the Future". Well-known domestic cultural scholars gathered on site to jointly provide advice and suggestions for the development of the academy, and shared their insights and exchanged views on how to preserve the tradition and make innovations concerning Academy Culture. 

It is reported that Linru Academy can be traced back to the "Nanhu Taoist Academy" in the Southern Song Dynasty. The current Linru Academy is jointly built by the CPC Linchuan District Committee and the District Government, China Construction Fifth Engineering Division and Qianxing Science and Technology Innovation company. It is built with Linchuan celebrity hall, Linchuan culture hall, Linchuan humanities spirit hall, Linchuan education hall, and a cultural center, bearing witness to the two thousand years of historical and cultural evolution of Linchuan, and representing an important window and essence of Linchuan’s culture. Linru Academy covers an area of about 94.7 mu, with a total construction area of 47,000 square meters. It is by far the largest Song-style academy in Jiangxi Province.

Linru Academy focuses on the five functions of "culture, industry, education, art, and business", integrating culture and art, digital cultural industry, research and education, fashion consumption, smart tourism and other industries. The innovative model of “culture + education + industry” drives industrial upgrading, aims to become a landmark of a cultural city and an engine for industrial development in Linchuan, and empowers the integrated development of Linchuan's culture and economy with science and technology.



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