Visit China in the “Cloud” and Enjoy Chinese Culture

From:People.cnAuthor: 2022-05-11 16:47

  Recently, the online camp of 2022 “Embrace China & Tell Stories for You”, organized by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and undertaken by local Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese at all levels, was officially launched. The event is held once a month for 10 days each. Through the online camp, overseas Chinese teenagers aged 6 to 18 get an opportunity to appreciate the profoundness of Chinese culture. In the event, they can learn Chinese, recognize Chinese characters, listen to stories, as well as learn to write Chinese characters, tell and write stories. The “Camp with Local Characteristics” can also take them on a tour of China in the “cloud”.

  The online camp has been held for two consecutive years. The online public benefit activities help overseas Chinese teenagers learn Chinese, perceive Chinese culture, and deepen their feelings for their motherland China and ancestral homeland. Last year, 39,000 campers from 42 countries and regions participated in the activity, and they stated in feedback that both the content and form of the activity were very attractive. Through the participation, they have become more proficient in Chinese, and have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their motherland China and ancestral homeland. A variety of colorful activities in the “cloud” continue to enhance the affinity and influence of Chinese culture, allowing overseas Chinese teenagers to deeply experience the charm of Chinese culture.


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