A Look into Innovative Transformation and Development of Chinese Culture in Shandong | Craftsman Makes Paper Kites

From:chinakongzi.orgAuthor: 2022-06-22 15:19

Known as the world’s kite capital, Weifang has a long history of kite-makingwith consummate skills. Recently, the crew behind the campaign “A look into innovation transformation and development of Chinese culture in Shandong” has been to Hanting District of Weifang to visit Guo Hongli for his craftsmanship. Guo Hongli is a representative inheritor of Weifang kite-making, a national intangible cultural heritage.

For more than 30 years, Guo Hongli has been focusing on making traditional Weifang kites. He sticks to the design concept of “to be less is to be more”and “to highlight parts instead of the whole”, avoiding the methods of making carbon rod kites, such as thread-tying, gluing, grafting, inserting and slotting. Guided by the minimalist design, he always uses the fewest possible bamboo pieces and makes the fewest possible knots. Guo Hongli owns more than 10 patients. His works have won many awards at home and abroad, including the Golden Award at the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo. Since 2000, Guo Hongli has participated in the intangible cultural heritage exhibitions “Stories of China”and “Chinese Elements”at the Beijing Olympics and the World Expo in Shanghai. He has visited more than 30 countries and regions for cultural and art exchange on kites, including Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Guo Hongli is showing a kite made by him

Appreciation of works by Guo Hongli


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