A Look into Innovative Transformation and Development of Chinese Culture in Shandong | Yiyuanhong Apple Takes the Lead in Rural Revitalization

From:chinakongzi.orgAuthor: 2022-11-08 15:07

  With a focus on rural revitalization in recent years, Yiyuan County has strengthened development and upgraded industry pillared by the branding of “Yiyuanhong” Apple and supported by a combination of chain models, including brand + ecology, publicity, and people’s livelihood. The economic and social development has brought a tangible sense of contentment and well-being to the people in the old revolutionary base.

  Autumn is the season of harvest. In this season, “Yiyuanhong” apples blanketing the mountains exude aroma everywhere. The 21,000 hectares of apples are in their “prime” of harvest. The production is estimated to reach 630,000 tons, with the rate of high-quality apples substantially increasing to 56%. The total output is expected to reach RMB3.6 billion, up by more than 20%, representing an obvious improvement in quality and a large increase in profit.

  Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Yiyuan County persists in seeking new development led by new technologies. It has vigorously built digital agricultural parks to drive leaping improvements in production technology. Since 2021, Yiyuan County has built 25 digital agricultural demonstration scenes with high standards to lead the “second revitalization” of the fruit industry and the transformation of agriculture into a smart industry as part of its effort to speed up on a new track.

  With the massive migration of young people into cities in recent years, rural areas are facing an increasingly aging population. According to the Seventh National Population Census, the proportion of seniors above the age of 60 in Yiyuan County accounts for 25.5% of its population. Entering the renovated livelihood complex in Longziyu Village, you will find all amenities here, including a communal shower room, a canteen for the elderly, a clinic, an infirmary, a cultural activity room, and a library.

  The canteen for the elderly, the barber’s, and the communal shower room are open to the village’s 130 elderly people over the age of 65 free of charge. Their children who accompany them for the shower are also entitled to the service free of charge. Elderly people who have difficulty walking are offered the delivery of meals and hair cut to their door. The livelihood complex has become a paradise for the village’s senior citizens.

  As of now, Yiyuan County has constructed 353 livelihood complexes and meal service sites and one central kitchen, offering the full range of livelihood services to 445 villages across the county and allowing 85,000 rural elderly people to lead a quality life.

  Over the past three years since its establishment in 2018, the “Yiyuanhong” Publicity Group has grown from a team of dozens of members to 816 branches with over 1,100 grassroots members today. They are the driving forces behind the learning of theories by more than 3 million Party members and general people inside and outside the county.

  One of Yiyuanhong’s publicity focuses is the promotion of the Yimeng spirit in the context of the new era. Role models such as Zhu Yanfu, known as the “People’s Model” and the “Most Beautiful Fighter,” Li Zhenhua, known as the “Labor Model of China’s Education System,” and Zhang Jixue, known as the “Ox Secretary,” are practicing the Yimeng spirit with tangible action. They are the “real-life textbook” of the “Yiyuanhong” Publicity Group.

  In November 2021, the “Yiyuanhong” Publicity Group was granted the title of “Meritorious Collective for Theory Publicity at the Grassroots Level” by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. It was the only collective granted the title in the counties of Shandong in the year.


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