Discussion of Cultural Confidence and Upright Innovation in the New Era at 14th “Culture of China” Forum

From:www.cyol.comAuthor: 2022-11-15 16:25

  On November 6, the 14th “Culture of China” Forum was held at Hengshan Xianghu Academy in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, under the theme of “Journey Towards Prosperous Future: Cultural Confidence and Upright Innovation in the New Era.” A group of cultural dignitaries and noted scholars delivered speeches at the forum.

  The “Culture of China” forum was jointly initiated by renowned scholars and professors including Ye Jiaying, Tang Yijie, Lou Yulie, Ye Xiaowen, Liu Xiaoguang, Fan Zeng, Chen Hong, and Zhan Ru and launched at the Hengshan Academy in Beijing. It is dedicated to promoting excellent Chinese traditional culture and spreading the stories and wisdom of China. The forum is run with the concept of “Unity of Knowledge and Action in Line with Modern Times” in various forms, including high-level forums, thematic lectures, and scholars’ meetings, to strengthen cultural confidence, explore mutual learning between civilizations, and showcase the glories of the Chinese nation. From “Salutary Influence of Education” to “Silk Road, Flower Rain,” from “Indian Brahma and Chinese Moon,” to “Between China and the West,” from “Do All Good Deeds” to “Meet the Future,” from “Surviving Adversities” to “From the Big Epidemic to the Great Governance,” and “Journey Towards Prosperous Future,” the forum has facilitated interdisciplinary discussions centered around the humanities to shed light on wisdom, promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, practice socialist core values, and spread the cultural stories of China.


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