Chinese Books Participate in Riyadh International Book Fair

From:People’s Daily (Overseas Edition)Author: 2022-11-15 16:39

  The Riyadh International Book Fair (RIBF) 2022 has recently ended. With the theme of “Cultural Chapters,” the event has attracted some 1,200 publishers from 32 countries and regions, including the U.A.E., Kuwait, France, and the UK. As a representative of the Chinese publishing community, China Intercontinental Press has exhibited more than 3,000 books in over 500 categories.

  The Chinese exhibits at the RIBF include books in the Arabic, English, and Chinese languages from more than 10 Chinese publishers, including China Intercontinental Press, Foreign Language Press, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, and People’s Education Press. These books showcase the achievements of the Chinese people’s hard work in realizing their Chinese dreams in modern times, ranging from books in foreign languages covering literature, social sciences, traditional cultures, children’s themes, and language learning to key copyright-based books. Other exhibits include China-themed cultural and creative products, such as “Chinese Cities,” “The Most Beautiful Classic Poetry,” and “Scenery.”

  It is learned that more than 10 books, including Chinese Literature, Chinese Geography, and History of the Currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have been published since the signing of the memorandum on the “Project for Translation and Publication of Classics and Modern Literary Works of China and Saudi Arabia” in 2016. During the book fair, China Intercontinental Press and Saudi Arabia’s Center for Research & Intercommunication Knowledge jointly held a press conference on the achievements of the translation project. Writers, translators, and Saudi Arabian sinologists who had participated in the project attended the press conference.


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