“Beauty of Books in China” 2022 Unveiled

From:www.chinanews.comAuthor: 2022-11-15 16:40

  The result of the “Beauty of Books in China” 2022 was unveiled on November 8. 25 books from 23 publishers nationwide won the title, including Chirps of Four Seasons, Tofu, and Beiqiao Boat Fist.

  It is learned that the selection for the “Beauty of Books in China” was done at the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, where a panel comprised of experienced book designers and publishers conducted a strict review of 260 works from all over China. 25 books were selected as the winners through multiple rounds of scoring. Open these “most beautiful books,” and you’ll be captured by their beauty in different styles.

  For example, Tofu is an illustrated book centered on “tofu.” Readers can perceive the Chinese people’s wisdom in eating a chunk of tofu and savor the feelings and taste of a mundane life. Beiqiao Boat Fist is an original work written with inventiveness on the classic boat fist routines. The book begins with the history of the boat fist, unfolding more than 1,600 pictures displaying the visual variety and charm of narration.

  So far, 446 works have stood out and won the title “Beauty of Books” since its creation in 2003.


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