Unaccompanied Choral Divertimento "Excerpts from the Analects" Premieres in Beijing

From:www.chinanews.comAuthor: 2023-09-13 13:38

The first unaccompanied choral divertimento based on the Analectspremiered at the Peking University CentennialHall on the evening of September 7. The choral divertimento, themed onConfucius' philosophy of "benevolence", is based on twelve chapters from the Analectsand was edited by Yang Chaoming, the former principalof the ConfuciusResearchInstitute.

The choral divertimento consists of eight sections: benevolence, people-oriention, integrity, justice, teacher'smoral ethics, political ethics, harmony, and great unity, accompanied by an opening and concluding piece. The rich artistic language and innovative performances not only showcase the outstanding singing skills and artistic expression of the choir members but also immerse theaudiencein perceivingthe Confucian thoughts on self-cultivation, family harmony, governance, and world peace as conveyed in the Analects.

It is reported that the next step for the choir will be to release different versions suitable for audiences of different age groups, conduct domestic and international tours in various ways, and further deepen the audiences' understanding and cognition of the Analectsthrough lectures, cultural exchanges, and other activities. The goal is to bring the unaccompanied choral divertimento "Excerpts from the Analects" beyond Jining, Shandong, and deliverthe moral connotations and intellectual wisdom contained in the Analectsto more people.


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