Fifty Intangible Cultural Heritage Masterpieces Appear at China Art Museum

From:Beijing Youth DailyAuthor: 2023-11-15 16:57

On the morning of November 12th, the " Arts and Crafts MasterpiecesExhibition" opened at the China Art Museum. It is reported that the exhibition will be presented in Hall 7 on the first floor, and will be held until November 21st (closed on Monday).

This exhibition is one of theseries of the"Academic Invitation Exhibitions atthe Chinese Art Museum", inviting 11 participants who were born in Fujianprovincefrom the 7th national selection of Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters - Wang Jingmin, Chen Mingliang, Lian Zihua, Lin Dong, Zheng Youlin, Zheng Chunhui, Huang Wenshou, Huang Baoqing, Huang Fuhua, Lai Litong, and Pan Jingshi. The 50 pieces (sets) of works cover Fuzhou Shoushan stone carving, Putian wood carving, Xianyou rosewood furniture Dehua Ceramics and Hui'an Stone Carving, andare representative national intangible cultural heritage projects.

This exhibition showcases the vibrant and prosperous scene of a hundred flowers blooming in the arts and crafts industry of Fujian, showcasing the cultural confidence of the Fujian arts and crafts industry in "continuing the historical veinand composing contemporary chapters". Wu Weishan, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic League of China, Director of the Chinese Art Museum, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, stated in his speech: "It is withtheir heart, emotions, and skills that the artists have created thesepieces of intangible cultural heritage masterpieces.”


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