Exhibition On National Precious Ancient Books in Hubei Province Opens

From:CHINANEWSAuthor: 2023-11-17 15:59

The exhibition onNational Precious Ancient Books in Hubei Province opened in Wuhan on November15. The exhibition is divided into three partsto feature 150 booksfromSong and Yuandynasties, Ming dynasty and Qingdynasty respectively, including those that were selected into the national and provincial lists of precious ancient books, as well as thosethat can reflect the characteristics of Hubei.

At present, more than 90,000 books totalling800,000 volumes (pieces)has been surveyed and registeredin Hubei province,of which 260 ancient books were selected in the "National List of Precious Ancient books", 384 were selected in the "Hubei Province List of Precious Ancient Books". In the exhibition, some ancient booksfully embodying localcultureis of high value.

It is reported that the exhibition will last until December 15. In the same period, the Hubei Provincial Library will carry out a series of activities on the protection of ancient books, increase publicity efforts on the protection of ancient books, and tell the charming stories of ancient books.


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