The Continuation of the Tibetan Medicine Canon Published

From:Xinhua News AgencyAuthor: 2023-11-17 16:03

Recently, the continuation of the Tibetan Medicine Canon (20 volumes),an Ancient Tibetan Medicine Book, was officially published. This is the latest major original scientific research achievement in the field of ancient Tibetan medicine literature after the publication of the Tibetan Medicine Canon (60 volumes).

The Continuation of Tibetan Medicine Canon was extended to 20 volumes, with an appendixof the general index, andincludes292 ancient and modern Tibetan medicine classics, which are divided into 8 parts and 45 episodes, including the history of Tibetan medicine, ancient medical books, the four medical codiums, clinical medical books, and drug recognitiontheories. It covers more than 2,900 years of history of Tibetan medicine from the embryonic stage, the foundation stage, the development stage, the struggle period, the prosperity period, and the revitalization period to the present. It systematically and completely displays the profound theoretical system and rich practical experience of Tibetan medicine, and is another in-depth exploration and inheritance of itsessence, a treasure of Chinese medicine.

It is reportedthat since its establishment, the Institute of Tibetan Medicine in Qinghai Province has collected and collated more than 2,600 ancient Tibetan medicine books and documents of more than 1,590 kinds. The compilation and publication of the Tibetan Medicine Canon (60 volumes) has reached aninternationallyleading level and aroused strong repercussions in the Tibetan medicine academic circles at home and abroad.


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