People’s Literature Publishing House launched the 70th Anniversary Edition of "Romance of The Three Kingdoms"

From:CHINANEWSAuthor: 2023-12-01 16:36

People's Literature Publishing House recently held the 70th anniversary of the publication of the "Romance of The Three Kingdoms" and commemorative edition sharing meeting in Beijing.

The content of the 70th anniversary editionis consistent with the 2019 fourth edition of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, which is commonly used by People's Literature Publishing House, and adds a series of illustrations of the "Three Kingdoms" by contemporary painter Chen Quansheng. In binding design, retro style and innovative elementsare combined to present readers with a beautiful, elegant and high-quality commemorative edition.

Some versions of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms published by the People's Literature Publishing House between 1953 and 2023, anddifferent versions currently in the market, were also displayed at the event. Meanwhile eight illustrations of the novel by Chen Quansheng were also exhibited after magnifying.


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