The Shimao Museum in Shanxi Province Opened to the Public on 29th,to See China's Largest Prehistoric Stone City 4,000 Years Ago

From:CCTV NewsAuthor: 2023-12-01 16:38

Shimao Museum, located in Yulin City,Shenmu City, Shaanxi province, officially opened to the public on November 29, markingthe archaeological excavation, research and protection of Shimao Site, an important site of the "Chinese civilization exploration project", has achieved phased results.

The basic exhibition of Shimao Museum takes the theme of "Ancient China · Civilized King Capital" as the theme, and displays the archaeological achievements and heritage value of Shimao site comprehensively, three-dimensional and truthfully through four sections. A total of 688 pieces (groups) of precious cultural relics unearthed from Shimao Site and Shimao Culture period, including jade, stone tools, pottery, bone ware, stone carvings and painted murals, are displayed in the museum, reflecting the important value and unique position of Shimao civilization in the pluralism of the origin and development of Chinese civilization.

Shimao Site, dating from 4300 to 3800 years ago, is the largest prehistoric stone city site found in China, and it is also a very important demonstration for the study of early Chinese civilization and the origin of the country, providing new materials and unique evidence for understanding the origin of Chinese civilization and the formation of the pluralistic integrated pattern.


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