The First China Museum Science Conference Held in Guangzhou

From:China Youth Daily APPAuthor: 2023-12-01 16:39

From November 23 to 25, the first China Museum Science Conference was held in Guangzhou. Nearly 300 people from museums, scientific research institutions, publishing units, social organizations and other units across the country attended the conference.

With the theme of "high-quality development of museums in the new era", this conference anchoredthe current hot spots, difficulties and focal issues of museum undertakings, discussedimportant theoretical issues and vivid practices of high-quality development of museums, and strove to provide effective and high-quality communication channels for academic cooperation, academic sharing and academic improvement in the museum community.

At the same time, four parallel forums and six public lectures were held, including "Construction and Development of Museum Science", "Revolutionary Cultural RelicsThemed Exhibition", "Transformation and Dissemination of Archaeological Achievements and Construction of Site Museum" and "How Museums TackleNew Challenges of Public Cultural Services".


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