2nd Flower Festival and Hanfu Culture Week to take place in Weifang, Shandong

From:sdchina.comAuthor: 2024-03-27 16:27

The 2nd Flower Festival and Hanfu Culture Week in Weifang City (Kuiwen District)is expected to take placeon March 30th, 2024.The event aims to promote the traditional culture of the Flower Festival and allow citizens to immerse themselves in the romance of traditional festivals.

The Flower Festival, usually between the Awakening of Insects and the Spring Equinox, is the season when flowers bloom, so it is regarded as the birthday of all flowers.During the Flower Festival, many places will host a variety of traditional activities, such as flower appreciation, spring outings, vegetable picking, and feasting. Additionally, numerous Hanfu enthusiasts will take advantage of this festival to showcase traditional Chinese costumes and culture.

During this year's opening ceremony, the chosen performers of the “Twelve Goddess of Flowers” will grace the stage in traditional Hanfu attire, presenting Hanfu parades, dance performances, and cultural exhibition. Through the Flower Festival, the cityaimsto provide the public with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty, history, and culture of Hanfu.

At the same time, exciting performances such as Guzhengperformanceand a medleyof traditional and modern Chinese music will also bring a visual and auditory feast to the citizens.Furthermore, a variety of traditional events will take place, alongside a Hanfu cultural and creative bazaar, to provide citizens with an opportunity to gain a profound appreciation for the rich heritage of Chinese culture.


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