Starting from Nishan Written on the Occasion of the 10th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations

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The majestic Nishan,situated in the ancient State of Lu,is the revered birthplace of Confucius,whose thoughts have long guided humanity.

Since its inception in 2010,the Nishan Forum on World Civilizations has convened nine successful gatherings,and this year marks its tenth session. The forum has been a cornucopia of insights,exploring the depths of both ancient civilizations and contemporary trends,cultural legacies,and the interweaving of global cultures,bridging Qufu with the far reaches of the globe.The dialogue between Chinese civilization and various other civilizations has been a beacon,inspiring mutual understanding and respect.

General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important instructions and remarks,providing guidance for cultural inheritance and development,and charting the course for exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.From 2010 to 2024,the collective wisdom shared at the forum has served as a beacon,illuminating the path of cultural advancement.The inheritance of cultural legacies has boosted civilizational progress,and the power of mutual learning has acted as a driving force,steering the convergence of global perspectives.

China is a nation with a long-standing cultural heritage.Since its inception,the Nishan Forum on World Civilizations has showcased the Chinese view of the universe,world,society,and morality through various forms of exchanges and dialogues,vividly illustrating the nature of Chinese civilization.It has contributed to shaping Chinese spirit,Chinese values,and Chinese strength.This forum has evolved from its initial focus on Confucianism to encompassing broader fields such as culture,education,history,and ecology.Its agenda has become more focused on practical issues,enriched by a diverse range of activities. Gradually,it has become an essential window for global insights into Shandong and China,serving as a pivotal platform for enhancing the global influence of Chinese civilization.

Over the past 14 years,the Nishan Forum on World Civilizations has consistently focused on dialogues between civilizations,addressing contemporary concerns and providing solutions to global challenges.Declarations like“Nishan Declaration of Harmony”and initiatives like“Young People Leading the Charge in World Civilizational Dialogues”have repeatedly articulated the“Nishan Consensus”,highlighting universal human values.The ancient Eastern philosophy has been revived to foster understanding,bridge divides,resolve conflicts,and forge consensus.

The lofty Nishan embodies the spirit of Confucianism.Each session of Nishan Forum stands as a testament to China’s commitment to embracing the diversity of human civilizations,upholding our shared human values,and building a global community of shared future.Articulating the voice of Nishan,telling China’s stories well,and consolidating a consensus on civilization are paramount responsibilities for Shandong,the cradle of Confucianism.

Nishan is a starting point for more endeavors.

Starting from Nishan,we look outward to the vast cultural development and promotion across the land of Shandong.The project“Haidai Archaeology”has gained international acclaim.The“Confucianism Festival”has ignited a passion among the ordinary people.The campaign“Hospitable Shandong and Good Product from Shandong”has become a global brand. Community theaters have brought traditional opera back to life.Shandong’s efforts in creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture carry on the historical cultural lineage and foster the spirit of the times,making great contribution to the growth of modern Chinese civilization.

From Nishan,our attention turns to the global stage.Today’s world is evolving toward multipolarity,economic globalization,cultural diversity,and digitalization,heralding a promising future.Meanwhile,instability and uncertainties are mounting and the global challenges faced by humanity are becoming ever more daunting.In the crossroads between peace and conflict,prosperity and decline,unity and division,the power of culture and civilization becomes ever more pivotal,underscoring the importance of exchange and mutual learning.

Reflecting on the past and looking to the future,we remain steadfast in our exploration of human civilization and our endeavor to create a better world.This pursuit broadens cooperative avenues,fosters mutual understanding and friendship among peoples,and jointly advances the progress of modernization.It also enhances the influence and appeal of Chinese civilization globally.

Civilizations surge like tides,resounding like grand anthems.At this critical juncture,we set out from Nishan to embark on a quest for the essence of our age,seeking answers illuminated by civilization.

Each civilization is rooted in its own soil,embodying the profound wisdom and aspirations of a nation and its people,guiding their path forward.Chinese civilization accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation,nourishing its continuous growth.

Based on the magnificent history of over five thousand years of Chinese civilization and the great contemporary practices of the Chinese nation,we will firmly uphold cultural confidence,adhere to the stance of Chinese culture,initiate a new phase of cultural development,and continuously create civilizational achievements with eternal charm and contemporary implications that transcend time,space,and national boundaries.

The interplay of diverse cultures amplifies their brilliance,akin to the harmonious melody created by varied musical notes. Diversity is the very fabric of human civilization.Given the differences in history,culture,and social systems,cultural exchanges and mutual learning are essential for collective progress.

We will advocate a philosophy of civilizations that values equality,mutual learning,dialogue,and inclusiveness.We will strive to transcend civilization barriers through cultural exchanges,overcome civilization conflicts through mutual learning,and move beyond superiority of certain civilizations through inclusiveness.In this way,the diverse civilizations created by humanity can shine brilliantly together,weaving a splendid tapestry of human experience.

From Nishan,we open the door to the world,where the flowers of civilization are blooming with even more vibrant hues.The enduring Chinese civilization strides towards an even brighter future.

Over 2,500 years ago,the sage Confucius was born amidst the auspicious and beautiful Nishan Mountain.From then on,much like the roots of a tree or the source of light,this mountain has become a symbol of enduring culture and a towering hall of wisdom.

Standing at the very wellspring of Confucian thought,deeply anchored in the rich soil of Chinese tradition,we prepare to commence a new mission,aiming to contribute further to the modern Chinese civilization and the noble cause of advancing human civilization.


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