English website of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum launched

From:People’s Daily Overseas EditionAuthor: 2022-12-27 11:30

On December 14, the new English website of Prince Kung’s Palace Museumwas officially launched. With diverse sections, visual creativity and appealing language, it displays and disseminates the history and culture of Prince Kung’s Palace Museumto the world and carries forward the essence of finetraditional Chinese culture. The Englishwebsite officially kicks off a series of events marking the 40th anniversary of the museumin 2023.

In terms of visual design, the English website reproducesthe classicscenery of the palacewithline drawings,a type of traditional paintingcreated by the museum. The color scheme, featuringred and greeninspired bythe Qing Dynasty palaces and supplemented by yellow and gray, is refreshing,elegant and unique, capturingthe timeless allure of classic Chinese architecture. Based on its rich collection of historical and cultural resources, the website is divided into eight sections including Visit, The Palace, News, Gallery, Exhibitions, Collections, Eventsand Gifts,to fully demonstrate the heritage and elegance of the museum, so that users at home and abroad can learn about and grow on the museum virtually.


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