19th Qi Culture Festival opens

From:Dazhong dailyAuthor: 2022-12-27 11:31

On December18, the 19th Qi Culture Festival and 2022 Qi Culture and Jixia Studies Summitopened in the Qi Heritage Museum.

Qi culture is an important part of Qilu culture and a treasure of Chinese culture. Preservingand developing Qi culture through innovation as well as adapting it to the times areessential efforts to learn andact onthe spirit of the 20thCPC National Congress and establish Shandong as a culturally advanced province in the new era. With a strong sense of cultural awareness and confidence, we should work together to make progress in enriching cultural heritage, diversifying carriers and promoting awareness of the Chinese culture. These endeavors will laya solid foundation for enhancingcultural confidence andstrengthand delivering the creative transformation and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese cultureas China is on track to be a modern socialist country.

At the opening ceremony, the unveiling ceremony of Shandong Branch of Chinese Civilization National Cultural Relics Gene Bank and Shandong Linzi Field Archaeology Teaching and Practice Base of Peking Universitywere held. Guojin Gold Co., Ltd. donated the 2022 FIFA World Cup officially authorized Commemorative EditionVictory Glory Lucky Golden Ball. More than 40 high-caliber activities of regional characteristics were held duringthis year’s Qi Cultural Festival, which attracted the experts, scholars and business leadersfrom Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Qufu and so on.


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