National Museum's Traveling Exhibition "Yangtze River Culture Exhibition" Debuts in Yibin 2023-09-16 15:20

On September 12, the "Yangtze River Culture Exhibition" commenced its trial run on the first floor of the Yibin Museum. This exhibition, rooted in the National Museum of China's collection, stands as a profound testament to history and culture, having initially graced the walls of the National Museum in December 2021. Its premiere at the Yibin Museum represents the inaugural destination on its grand tour.

This exhibition showcases more than 130 representative artifacts made from various materials, all of which are emblematic of the Yangtze River culture. Encompassing a broad spectrum of historical periods, the exhibition presents a diverse and extensive collection that provides a comprehensive insight into the essence of Yangtze River culture. Among the notable treasures on display are items such as the green jade bi and cong hailing from the Neolithic Liangzhu Culture, a precious bronze figurine from the Shang Dynasty excavated at the Sanxingdui Ancient Shu Culture Site, and renowned scroll paintings like the Ten Thousand Miles of Yangtze River.

As reported, the traveling exhibition represents an innovative endeavor initiated by the National Museum of China, demonstrating a proactive commitment to engaging with the community and serving its audience. The primary objective is to establish a regular mechanismfor significant exhibition tours, constantlyenhance the equal accessibility of public cultural services, and extend the benefits of cultural development to a broader audienceby delivering top-notch cultural products and services, thereby reinforcing cultural self-assurance, nurturing cultural vitality, and actively contributing to the enrichment of socialist culture .


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