China Archaeological Museum Open for Public Reservations

From:www.sdxw.iqilu.comAuthor: 2023-09-16 15:23

On September 13, the China Archaeological Museum released an official announcement regarding public access reservations. The announcement heralds the forthcoming official opening of the China Archaeological Museum to the general public. Reservations are now being accepted for visits scheduled from September 16, 2023, and beyond.

The China Archaeological Museum, operating under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of History, holds a distinguished status as a national-level specialized archaeological institution. At its core, the museum hosts an exhibition entitled "Forging Civilization in Historical China: A Showcase of Cultural Relics and Documents from the Chinese Academy of History". Notably, this exhibition is characterized by its unique "warehouse-style presentation and immersive experience", takingvisitors ona captivating journey. It is structured into five thematic sections,withtopics such as the "Origins of Civilization", "Unification of a Great Nation", and "National Awakening", among others. Collectively, these sections shed light on the historical evolution of Chinese civilization spanning over five millennia and the emergence of a unified, multicultural nation.

The museum welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, implementing a reservation system based on real-name registration with allocated time slots for visits. Individual visitorscanpre-book their visits up to three days in advance viathe Chinese Academy of History's website or the official WeChat account of the China Archaeological Museum. Upon arrival, guests are kindly asked to present valid identification that matches the reservation details.


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