The 3rd Cross-Lingual Chanting Assembly of Confucian Classics Held

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On March 30, the 3rd Cross-Lingual Chanting Assembly ofConfucian Classics(Chanting the Chinese Classics Worldwide) was held in Jinan, jointly hosted by Nishan World Center for ConfucianStudies, China Confucius Foundation, Shandong Provincial Department of Education and the Shandong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Counties.

With the theme of “Hello Confucius”, the organizers carefully planned three chapters, “Family Unity, National Governance and Harmony”to deeply interpret the idealistpath of Confucianism from family ethics to national governance to the pursuit of world harmony. Through dialoguesbetween young people from all over the world and sages, the whole event presented the audience with a cultural feast that spanned time and space, showing the depth and tolerance of Confucian culture.

At the beginning of the assembly, traditional Chinese culture and the vitality of “Generation Z” were skillfully combined through wonderful programs such as “On the Xingtan”, “Home Harmony”, “Dialogue Across Time and Space”and “World of Harmony”, represented from the perspective of foreign children's exploration of the wisdom of Confucius.Various forms of creative expression, such as reading, singing and dancing, Rap and situational presentation, build a cultural bridge connecting the past and present, East and West, and fully demonstrate the eternal charm of Confucian culture across time and space and its value in modern society.

At the event, Confucian experts, scholars and sinologists gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on the essence of Confucianism.Through talks, speeches, video connections and other means, they interpreted the profound connotation of Confucian culture from a diversified perspective, bringing a banquet of ideas to the audience.

Since September 2023,the 3rd Cross-Lingual Chanting Assembly of Confucian Classics has solicited works from all over the world, and received warm responses from Chinese culture lovers from more than 50 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and Thailand.A total of more than 12,000 works were collected. These works, through interpretation,chanting, dialogue, recitation, singing, animation and other forms, talk to the sagesin 10 different languages, fully demonstrating the global influence and communication power of Confucian culture.

Atthe assembly the “Gold Award”, “Silver Award”, “Bronze Award”, “Excellence Award”, “Excellent performance works” and “excellent works guidance Award” and other honorary awardswere announced.

At the climax of the grand ceremony, the 4th Cross-Lingual Chanting Assembly of Confucian Classics (Chanting the Chinese Classics Worldwide) officially kicked off, marking the inheritance and continuation of this cultural event.

The ceremony attracted more than 100 media platforms at home and abroad to participate in live broadcast, and the online viewing amount exceeded 32 million, indicatingwidespread attention and praise from Chinese culture lovers around the world. The Weibo topic # the 3rd Cross-Lingual Chanting Assembly of Confucian Classics ## Confucianism is a window for the world to understand China #quickly topped the list of searchesabout Shandong Province, with the topic page views reaching 50million, fully demonstrating the social influence and appealof Confucian culture.


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