2021 Study Camp of Young Sinologists Officially Opens

From:chinakongziAuthor: 2021-10-19 09:09

On October 15, the "2021 Study Camp of Young Sinologists" jointly sponsored by the International Confucian Association, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies, and organized by cctss.org and the International Exchanges Department of Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies officially opened in Nishan of Qufu. Fifteen young Sinology scholars from 14 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America participated in this study camp.

The members participating in this study camp are young sinology scholars from all over the world engaged in research in sinology, dissemination of Chinese culture, and China-foreign exchanges and cooperation and related fields. The 6-day event will organize campers to participate in the symposium titled "Comprehensive and In-depth Understanding of Traditional Chinese Culture and Contemporary China", the seminar of " Translation of Confucianism and Traditional Chinese Culture ", Confucian culture in the hometown of Confucius, visits to representative cases in the modernization drive and rural revitalization in Shandong, the seminar of "Confucianism, Sinology, and Exchange and Mutual Learning among Civilizations " visits to the exhibition hall on the history of the CPC, and the symposium of "Me and China-Experience of Study Camp of Young Sinologists".

Study Camp of Young Sinologists is a long-term project of the International Confucian Association. It aims to liaise with, unite, and support those who are friendly to China, good at studies on Chinese history and culture, contemporary China, and cultural and social exchanges between China and foreign countries. Through this event, young foreign sinology scholars who are interested in the dissemination of Chinese culture and research on Chinese issues, and actively participate in exchanges and cooperation in different fields between China and foreign countries, will play an active role in the field of sinology in the world.


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