To Feel the Importance of Food to People’s Livelihood in National Museum of China 2022-01-24 22:10

What do noodles from 4000 years ago look like? How were the earliest wine and tea made? What countries do cucumbers, eggplants and carrots come from? Answers to these questions can be found at the Exhibition on Chinese Ancient Food Culture held in National Museum of China. Through a wide range of cultural relics, display board with detailed information, and interesting interactive experience, visitors can get to know more knowledge about food and drink, and feel the importance of food to Chinese people’s livelihood.

Chinese ancient food culture not only includes delicate utensils, cooking technique with unique features, and an extensive range of classics, but also has given birth to philosophical ideas, political wisdom and important thoughts on science that have influenced the development of Chinese civilization. It also provides eternal inspirations for traditional music, dance, painting, sculpture and poems.

This exhibition is divided into 5 parts, with more than 240 pieces (sets) of cultural relics on display. From perspectives of ingredients, utensils, skills, and etiquette, it displays in a comprehensive way the development and evolution of ancient Chinese food culture, presents the life of ancient people, and expresses the wishes and pursuit of the Chinese nation for a life with no shortage of food and clothing.

The exhibition also features a number of interactive programs. The audience can make pastry with molds, and try the habit of the ancient people to eat while seating on the ground. The organizer expressed the hope that through the exhibition that is enjoyable to the eye, interesting, and interactive, the audience can experience the breadth and depth of ancient Chinese food culture, and better understand the life of the Chinese nation in ancient and modern times.


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