Australia Issues Special Stamps and Coins to Welcome the Year of the Tiger

From:Xinhuanet.cnAuthor: 2022-01-24 22:13

A few days ago, Australia Post issued special stamps and coins to welcome the year of the tiger according to Chinese lunar calendar. 

The tiger-themed stamps include three piece in one set. Each piece features a white background and tigers with festive colors. It includes traditional Chinese cultural elements such as the Chinese character 福, Chinese knots, kumquats, firecrackers and plum blossoms, as well as cute and lovely cartoon designs. 
The stamps were once again designed by the Chinese-Australian illustrator Chrissy Lau. This is the second year that she has designed stamps to celebrate lunar Chinese New Year for Australia Post. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, she said that tigers are energetic, brave and perseverant. She included these elements into her designs. 
“I deliberately created lovely and cute tiger images, as the long-lasting Covid-19 has been depressing. I hope my designs can cheer people up.” Chrissy Lau said. 
Australia Post also issued different varieties of tiger-themed coins, and stamp and coin collections featuring the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Head of Australia Post Michael said that these stamps have been favored by collectors since they were issued. They also offer new choices for Australian people when sending best wishes to overseas relatives and friends. 


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