A "Museum" Set in the Wheat Field

From:Chinanews.com.cnAuthor: 2022-05-11 16:35

  Recently, Henan Museum, together with 12 museums in Henan Province, selected 39 replicas of cultural relics and placed them in the wheat field. In the "Unique Henan & Land of Drama" scenic spot in Zhengzhou City, these exhibits were displayed and known as the "Museum in the Wheat Field". The exhibition includes three sections: "Ritual City", "Tripartite Confrontation" and "Continuity". 

  From the Neolithic Age to the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, from the Spring and Autumn Period to the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the exhibits on display spanned thousands of years. Some of them have been recognized as the earliest wind instrument in the world, and the earliest bird-shaped wine statue discovered so far is a fine piece of bronze ware of the Shang Dynasty in China. There is also the earliest bronze heavy object with the largest volume, the most skilled casting, and the most complete preservation. It is both a witness of the Chinese bronze culture and a symbol of the origin of the Central Plains civilization. 

  According to the organizer, the background of the exhibition is that the Yellow River breeds vitality, cultural relics reflect history, and wheat crops nourish the common life. As the wheat crops in the Central Plain are about to ripen, the exhibition deliberately places the cultural relics nurtured by the Yellow River culture into the wheat fields, intending to display the connection between land and inheritance, wheat and civilization, as well as history and human. Furthermore, it is also expected that the public could appreciate the uniqueness of this land from the exhibition, such as the charm of rites and rituals, the courage of tripartite confrontation in the Central Plains, and the endless vitality. 


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