A Look into Innovative Transformation and Development of Chinese Culture in Shandong | Yunlai Incense Inherits Ancient Incense Culture

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  Chinese incense culture has a long history and represents the graceful and sagacious life philosophy of Chinese civilization. Recently, the crew behind the campaign “A look into innovation transformation and development of Chinese culture in Shandong” has visited the intangible cultural heritage learning base of Yushan Academy in Licheng District of Jinan. They interviewed Ms. Zheng Xiaoqiao, an ICH inheritor of incense culture and founder of Yunlai Incense, and had an immersive experience of the profoundness of incense culture. In recent years, Yunlai Incense has hosted activities on the studies of incense across different places to promote the traditional incense culture of people of the Song Dynasty under the theme “er’an” culture. By improving ancient incense formulas using native plants and spices of Shandong, Yunlai Incense has creatively restored a variety of incense products in history. Those that enjoy particular popularity among enthusiasts of incense culture include the Song lotus incense made with lotuses at Daming Lake, the Tang Lingyan cedar seed incense of the Lingyan Temple in Jinan, the incense focused on dispelling and warding off diseases and the Ming incense formula based on Pingyin roses.

Zheng Xiaoqiao, founder of Yunlai Incense, introduces incense that dispels and wards off diseases

Product display of Yunlai Incense


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