Mao Zhongqun: Enterprise management with excellent traditional Chinese culture at its core

From:Author: 2022-09-30 17:48

  The 2022 China (Qufu) International Confucius Cultural Festival and The Eighth Nishan Forum on World Civilizations was held in Qufu from September 26 to 28. More than 800 experts and scholars from 22 countries and regions participated in the forums, interviews, and dialogues at the event, online or offline. They had discussions on the theme “diversity of human civilization and values shared by humanity,” contributing the “Nishan wisdom” to the development of human civilization.


(Mao Zhongqun: Chairman and President of FOTILE)

  Mao Zhongqun has a unique insight into cultural confidence. He said, “The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation would be impossible without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity. In addition to GDP, cultural prosperity and revitalization is equally important to the fulfillment of the 2nd centenary goal. Family culture is the core of traditional Chinese culture, and it is particularly important in modern times.” 

  Back in 2008, when the western style of management was prevalent, Fotile started to introduce excellent traditional Chinese culture into enterprise management by setting a “Confucius class” to encourage its staff to read classics from excellent traditional Chinese culture in the morning. “Governed by orders and punished by criminal law, people would only avoid being punished without shame; guided by morals and rituals, people would have shame and pledge allegiance.” According to Mao Zhongqun, Chairman and President of Fotile, Fotile sticks to traditional culture as the core of its management model, persisting in governance by morals and law, while integrating the western style of management as an approach. The company has benefited from the cultural management model combining Chinese and western philosophies. In 2021, Fotile registered sales of more than 15.5 billion yuan, maintaining its top position in the kitchen appliance industry.


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